Former Xatśūll Development Corporation employee Kelsey Pop is hired by Taseko’s Gibraltar Mines Operation

Gibraltar is pleased to announce that Kelsey has joined Gibraltar Mines Ltd. as an Environmental Monitor. Kelsey reports to the Senior Environmental Technologist, and will be supported by the Environmental Department.

Kelsey worked for Xatśūll Development Corporation (XDC) at Gibraltar for two years as a Reclamation Technician before joining the company in January 2018. He has strong knowledge of Gibraltar’s current and past reclamation programs. Prior to working at Gibraltar, Kelsey worked at Mt. Polley for four years as a XDC employee in the environmental and reclamation department. His mom, XDC Reclamation Lead Hand, Joanne Phillips, has positively influenced Kelsey and helped him choose a path in the environmental field. Joanne is an excellent role model and encourages Kelsey to work hard to succeed in his new position as an Environmental Monitor. Kelsey’s passion for environmental work has been handed down to him from Joanne.

Family and hard work have been the largest factors in Kelsey’s success. He encourages anyone looking to get into the environmental field to work hard and pursue their passion.

Kelsey is looking forward to the new experience and opportunity at Gibraltar.

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