Fraser River Run – February 2018

Over the period of one-year I worked consistently with WorkBC/Horton Ventures in Williams Lake; first addressing the need to update my resume, attending two workshops to do that and then working directly with a case manager to secure meaningful employment and/or training. In between, having unlimited time to think about what I wanted to do and what I needed to do were two different things. So, I made the decision to do my best to stay close to home and build off of that. Because, I have experienced first hand what it is like to live away from home to seek education and/or employment; it has proven to be very, very challenging and expensive.

Furthermore, even prior to working there was something that was obstructing my progress – my own personal health, it was becoming problematic and needed to be addressed so I signed myself up for treatment. From the end of August to the beginning of October 2017, I attended the alcohol & drug program at Tsow-Tun-Le-Lum Healing House in Lantzville, B.C. For 39 days I resided there and worked on myself, looking at how addiction can play a major role in the destruction of ones’ life – mine. With plans of moving away from home, from Williams Lake, from the community, I decided to stay. This is my home and this is where my heart is and if I am going to contribute; it be towards my Nation, my community, my family and friends.

I want to personally thank the Xatśūll Development Corporation’s Board of Directors: Bruce Mack, Brian Groves and Gilbert Sellars Sr. and also Chief Executive Officer: Brad Klock for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a very unique economic development team. I am both excited and grateful for being in this position.

Since my first day on December 11, 2017 I have been busy taking on a variety of office management duties and responsibilities and also getting plugged into some very interesting business projects that will be coming up in 2018 moving forward. At present, XDC is working on salvage logging as a result of the past wildfires in 2017 and hope to be operating by February 2018. I want to thank everyone who has submitted their resumes for the general labourer(s) employment opportunity. So far, we have collected less than twenty resumes from community and non-community members, First Nation and non-First Nation applicants, this is positive. The general labourer(s) employment opportunity is still open at this point and is still accepting resumes for consideration.

Our main office is located beside the Pioneer Log Homes site in Deep Creek, our physical address is:
3734A Mountain House Road, Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada, V2G 5L5. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at: (250) 477-4900 (Main) | (250) 267-7704 (Cell) or via email at: Our official website address is: and our Facebook page is:

“People ask the difference between a leader and a boss; the leader leads and the boss drives.”
-Theodore Roosevelt

Respectfully, Tony Mack – Special Projects Coordinator – Xatśūll Development Corporation

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